BetR-blok,LLC  "Building Homes By Saving Trees"                     

materiO' of Paris has honored BetR-blok by adding it to its list of most innovative new materials.

BetR-blok is truly a better block. It's a "green" building material made from recycled paper and other cellulose materials, which substitute for lumber.
So we really are "Building Homes - great looking, energy-efficient homes - by Saving Trees".

Our History

We began as The Center for Alternative Building Studies (CABS), a non-profit research organization established in 2004. CABS mission was - and still is - to conduct research on alternative building materials which do not pollute or deplete the environment. 

One of CABS first projects was to investigate the properties of a new building material made from recycled paper and other cellulose materials. As testing began to show the superiority of this material, in comparison to others, it became known as BetR-blok (better block). One of the major tests showed that BetR-blok has high "R" value (insulating capability) which accounts for the capital "R" in its name.

When BetR-blok began to show commercial feasibility it was spun off from CABS as BetR-blok, LLC. It is hoped that revenue from BetR-blok, when it is fully automated and commercialized, will support its further development as well as provide on-going support for other CABS projects. 

For information about how you can build your own recycled paper home - yes, you can - visit our sister site Living In Paper.   Click on

This is Chris Frettoloso. He likes to design homes with BetR-blok.

 Chris is an Undergraduate student in the Arizona State University School of Sustainability pursuing a concurrent degree in Urban Planning from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. He is also completing a Certificate in Entrepreneurship from the WP Carey School of Business.

This is Barry Fuller.    He likes building homes designed by Chris.

Barry has over nine years experience in research and construction of BetR-blok structures - foreign and domestic. Mr. Fuller is also the Executive Director of the Center for Alternative Building Studies (CABS). Chris and Barry teamed up when Barry was building his first paper home.