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If you are unable to travel to Arizona for a workshop, you can still build your own home with paper - here's how!
THE COMPLETE PAPER HOME CONSTRUCTION SERIES! 8 Instructional DVDs - the most current, professionally-produced, detailed paper construction information available - shot at the construction sites of the builder/producer - Barry J. Fuller.

The series covers everything from making the paper building material to all the steps in construction as a paper home is being built. Lessons Learned are also included in the series in order to emphasize ways to avoid possible missteps.

For more details on The Complete Paper Home Construction Series, visit our sister site by clicking here.  

Building a home from paper is possible and worthwhile for anyone. You can do it and we can show you how. The workshop is hosted by Barry J. Fuller. He has conducted extensive research on building with paper and built or worked on a number of paper homes and other structures. He has also been employed as a paper building consultant by universities, large corporations and related organizations.

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The One Day DIY Workshop is held at the Living In Paper research facility in Maricopa, Arizona.  After the workshop, participants drive to the Paper House aka Paper Palace One at the Pera Club in Tempe, Arizona  for a short tour. Paper Palace One is a long-term research structure built by Mr. Fuller.


For more details on One Day Workshops, visit our sister site by clicking here.